About Us

My name is Kim DiStefano (aka Kimkraft). I am a stay -at-home mom of  3 small children. As every busy  mom knows kids need a lot of entertainment. When the regular playdate, movie and kid craft's ran out I started to improvise and paint my kid's faces. From there I went to doing their birthday parties and then friend's birthday parties. After a couple of years a light bulb went off in my head! Why  not start a business doing something I love to do? As we all know it is tough living on a one-income salary  in Long Island! So I tried it and I LOVED it!  4 years later I have a successful business. Working with children and seeing their happy , colorful faces when I am done is what I live for!

For more information, send me a request on the Contact Us page, or call (917) 640-9192

Serving Nassau
Suffolk County
Long Island

Will serve parts of Queens as well,
please call for additional info!

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